Seaport Boulevard to be Improved with Landscaping, Bike Lane

Good news! As part of the Seaport Square master plan, the original developer proposed improving the aesthetics of Seaport Boulevard (the main street through the Seaport) by adding a median of green space that will replace what is now a concrete lane of .. nothing (except construction workers’ from New Hampshire’s cars).

WS Development, the (current) owner / developer of the remaining parcels of that project, is now moving forward with those plans, already tearing up part of the boulevard.

A recently launched $5 million project led by WS Development, which is building the massive Seaport Square project, will replace the medians along Seaport Boulevard with grass and art installations. The new median will replace existing concrete running east-west from Sleeper Street to Pier 4. Additionally, the developer is installing a bike lane along the boulevard, separated from traffic by parked cars. This will not cost the street any space for vehicles because there is already a bike lane that is not separated from traffic, said WS Development senior vice president Yanni Tsipis.

The entire project will be completed by sometime next year.

Story: Seaport Boulevard is Getting Spruced Up, by Adam Vaccaro, The Boston Globe