Big companies move into the Seaport, small companies & restaurants follow

The news that Amazon, General Electric, and Red Hat, among others, are moving into the Seaport District is making many people happy, and not just landlords of the buildings where those companies are moving.

The effects of having thousands of new employees coming into the neighborhood on a daily basis is beginning to be felt elsewhere, with new restaurants, shops, and stores opening up, according to Janelle Nanos in the Boston Globe:

Since Amazon announced its plans to bring 900 employees to Fort Point, real estate brokers say there’s been an uptick in interest from companies looking to fill empty storefronts near Amazon’s new office on Summer Street. It’s evidence, they say, that the western corner of Fort Point is poised to undergo a transformation as corporate towers teeming with new workers drive foot traffic on the streets below.

Of course, with more foot traffic and more customers comes higher rents, which is already causing some retailers to be priced out of the neighborhood.

Story: With Amazon and GE moving in, empty Fort Point storefronts gain interest, by Janelle Nanos, The Boston Globe